Fall’s most powerful smartphone, fake tickets on the web, here’s the recap

Jeff Bezos says he can’t wait to see the squid game and Internet users laugh a lot, fake ticket notices have appeared on the mailboxes of some French people, Antutu on ranking the most powerful Android smartphone for September 2021 The curtain has been raised. Recap of the day.

World’s richest man eager to discover squid game

The Squid Game, Netflix’s new phenomenon series, can be widely seen as an anti-capitalist critique: Billionaires, bored with their rich lives, create a game where 456 people with very poor financial conditions fight each other. encounter. When Jeff Bezos expressed his impatience to watch the series, Golly didn’t really strike a chord with Internet users as to the claim of the world’s richest man. Twitter was quickly flooded with prank messages and Internet users were quick to place the billionaire in his place.

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New scam: Fake tickets being circulated through email

Please note, you may receive an email claiming that the French authorities have asked you to pay the requested amount through an “online payment site”. This fictional site largely reproduces elements of the French government’s official site devoted to fines, namely fines. gouv.fr. The crooks then encourage you to pay with the card in order to obtain your bank details and debit your card without your knowledge. To detect deception, it is enough to consult the sender’s address. If it is not [email protected], you are the target of a phishing attack aimed at robbing your bank account.

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Antutu Ranking for September 2021

Chinese benchmarking app AnTuTu has posted the ranking of most powerful Android smartphones for the month of September 2021, separating mid-range from premium devices. For the first time ever, Nubia Red Magic 6S tops the list of high-end smartphones, followed by Black Shark 4 Pro and Vivo X70 Pro+. On the mid-range side, the ranking is dominated by Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Lite, followed by Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro.

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