Fallback will rise to the surface at the end of 2021 on the switch

Was held todayAG French Direct, An event organized by the French site Actu gaming The aim is to highlight the French video game and its creators through the presentation of various titles in the manner of Nintendo Direct. Several announcements were made in the preview, some regarding future games. Nintendo Switch : Among them, let us note the imminent arrival fall back On our favorite console!

Nante walks straight out of the studio Endroad, fall back The ironic underground network, called Eden, has humanity’s last survivors take refuge after a terrible holocaust. Generations later, the last humans are still trapped like mice, the prospect of getting up on the surface being hindered by strange jailers who would not hesitate to make hasty extinction to the outer extinction of our race. The player then assumes the form of a rebel, who must lead an actual guerrilla war to see the light of day again and, perhaps, find a way to humanity’s salvation.

fall back Offers you to explore several randomly made rooms and destroy all enemies that will be in your way. You can customize your way thanks to 6 available character classes as well as a skill tree that will gradually increase your combat skills. According to Endroad, fall back There will be around 40,000 rooms in total, the atmosphere can vary greatly from one level to another.

Originally, the title hit PC in 2019 and received a very good reception. The second opportunity to attract more players is given by its creators. This switch version was released at the end of the year to support microAIDS For which we give several ports of the game to the hybrid console.

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