Falcon and the Winter Soldier: This Avengers Endgame mystery solved in a new promo

A new promotional video for Falcon and Winter Soldier unveils the identity of one of Thor’s enemies in the Adventure Endgame.

At the end ofAvengers endgame, Thor finally seems to have found a place of choice among the Guardians of the Galaxy. Earlier, however, the hero’s journey was very difficult emotionally and mentally. His weight shows in a very strange way, that he has just stopped focusing on himself and is slowly sinking. He drinks excessively, seems to have put his sanity aside, and spends his time playing video games, including Fortnite. When we kill Korg’s character later in the game, we lose his cool and threaten a certain Knobmaster 69. The answer was given in a promotional video for the series. Falcon and Winter Soldier, In collaboration with X-Box.

In the images you can see above, Sam Wilson aka Falcon appears in a store called Aaron interacting with an X-box seller. At the end of the video, Aaron reveals using the name NoobMaster69, which he says was chosen by his cousin. So it will be this salesman who lost his temper to Thor Avengers endgame. This will not be his first appearance in the beloved Aaron, MCU. Some fans believe that they have identified the seller of the Apple Store in which Natasha Romanoff and Steve Rogers are hidden Captain America: Soldier of Cold. This revelation on NoobMaster69 may sound funny and innocuous, but the player’s identity all had many similar principles. Some actually suggested that it was Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. related to Falcon and Winter Soldier, You will be able to watch the first episode on March 19 on Disney +.

Credits: X-Box, MCU Direct, Disney +, Marvel Studios

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