Fairy Tale Collector: Unknown Brother Grimm

an November 19, 1835, the first episode of a story with the title “Aunt Henriette” appeared in “Midnight Newspaper for Educated Pathways”. For readers of the popular paper at the time, it was easy to recognize the story as a parody of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s home. Wilhelm’s wife, Dorothia “Dortchen” (Jung), whose middle name was Henriette, hid behind Aunt Henriette. The author of the satire, which ended on Christmas Eve 1835, was not the scientific contestant of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, but his own brother Ferdinand.

Behind the oversized memorial of “Brothers Grimm” in 1988 – he has almost disappeared – despite an exhibition in Brunswich in 1988 and the efforts of Heinz Rölke, who along with Gerd Hoffman in 1979 collected the legends collected by Ferryland Had published. “Brothers Grimm” is the only Jacob anywhere in the world (1785 to 1863) and Wilhelm (1786 to 1859). They saw themselves as working and living couples as a symbiotic, inspired by the immense amount of letters and books. The painter’s brother Ludwig Emil (1790 to 1863) is not unknown, he is out of competition, so to speak, because he was not a scholar, a collector of fairy tales and legends, nor a celebrity. But the Brothers Grimm had two other brothers; His names were Karl (1787 to 1852) and Ferdinand (1788 to 1845), Charlotte, Lotte (1793 to 1833), who cannot be forgotten.

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