Fair price for PS 70 PS5 games and the best of all on the launch line-up console

The CEO and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment has declared the PlayStation 5 game launch lineup the strongest in PlayStation history and defended the publisher’s decision to charge পক্ষ 70 for first-party software.

In an extensive exclusive interview with the Telegraph prior to the PS5’s UK launch, Jim Ryan also explained the company’s policy on cross-gen support for the PlayStation 4 and addressed issues related to console storage in an age of massive digital downloads.

You can read Ryan’s ambitions for the PS5, a description of the strange challenges of launching a console during a global epidemic, and thoughts on Microsoft’s subscription play in our exclusive interview.

Below, Ryan talks about all things the game and tackles some of the more controversial issues surrounding the PS5, including pricing, storage and That Separator design.

As CEO of SIE, what is your assessment about the PS5 launch lineup?

“I’ve spent a lot of time comparing what I’ve done from generation to generation and I think the games we launched and the games we’re coming up with in 2021 are our strongest ever, so I’m really happy with it. “

Daemon’s Souls is the only genuine first party PS5 though exclusive, if you discount the pack-in Astro playroom …

“But it’s an exciting pleasure!” [as referenced in the Telegraph’s review of Astro’s Playroom]

This! Although Sony was criticized for not launching the PS5 with a first-party exclusive system vendor. Is this a valid complaint?

“I think the lineup for this launch has been very well received. You can write these and you can put next to what we have launched on PS3, what we have launched on PS2 and PS1 and this is the strongest lineup across first party and third party. And the year after that will be the strongest second year or second holiday season among us.

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“I think the performance of our studios on the PS4 generation was great. But it’s a little acknowledged fact that the virtually great generation of games we defined on the PS4 came in the second half of the cycle – and it won’t be the case anymore.

“No, I don’t accept criticism and I don’t think that’s right. And especially in this highly complex COVID environment which usually challenges the development of the game which is not usually the case, I think we performed well and provided a good and strong lineup. And what I’ve heard from gamers and what I’ve read from gamers is that they’re happy with it. “

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