Fagging Hell: Tired of ridicule, the Austrian village has changed its name to Austria

Austrian village residents will hear their signposts, especially on social media, ridiculed after a new name – fogging – in the new year.

They eventually got tired of fucking, its current name, which some experts say dates back to the 11th century.

Within minutes of the municipal council meeting on Thursday, it was revealed that from January 1, 2021, the village of about 100 people, about 300 kilometers (215 miles) west of Vienna, would be named Fugging.

A growing number of English-speaking tourists wanted to stop taking pictures of themselves with signposts at the village entrance, sometimes breaking obscenities for social media.

Some have also stolen signposts, leading local authorities to use anti-theft concrete when installing replacements.

Eventually, most of the villagers decided they had enough.

“I can confirm that the village is being named,” said Andrea Halzner, the mayor of Tursdorf, who belongs to the municipality.

“I don’t really want to say more – we’ve had enough media frenzy in the past,” he told the regional daily Oberrestraichiche Natrichen (OON).

According to the Austrian daily Die Press, the villagers known as Fukinger have “enough visitors and they have bad jokes”.

But not everyone is happy about the impending change.

“Don’t people feel humor these days?” Asked an ON reader.

Another mentioned: “They’re getting free publicity – they should have been happy to get a funny name.”

Locals first found the news in their news after the Austrian nove pancake Kurt Pam became the background for a book, which later turned into a film called Bad Fucking.

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The village was first officially settled around 1070, but according to local mythology, it was settled by a sixth-century Bavarian aristocracy called Foko. The Fooking spell was used on a 1825 map.

Across the Bavarian border in Germany is a village called Petting.

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