Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology signed a partnership agreement with ISRP of France

It should be noted above all that, in its more than ten courses, FSTS provides professional licensure training in psychomotor skills that is spread over a period of 3 years.

This training gives its students the opportunity to establish a psychomotor assessment as well as develop very advanced skills in the rehabilitation of a variety of disorders related to personality, psychomotor development, emotional and relational rules or disorders of re-body representation. mental or physical origin.

This partnership agreement is based on 4 main areas: initial training, continuing training, professional integration and research and development. Its aim is to encourage academic exchange, especially to develop bilateral bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as those in research.

In addition, it will lead to the establishment of student exchange programs so that they can benefit from certified training. This future cooperation will also open up the possibility of holding dialogues, meetings and joint scientific meetings between the two partners.

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