Facing Congress, Biden rejects his plan to fight inequalities

US President Joe Biden speaks for the first time in Congress on Wednesday to show his will for reform, especially in tax matters, after a vigorous start to his mandate.

On the eve of the 100-day symbolic milestone, White House tenants will reject their “Project for American Families” for a grand total of $ 2,000 billion.
The plan, which has already aroused the wrath of Republicans, is ambitious: 1,000 billion in investment, especially in education, and 800 billion in tax cuts for the middle class. To finance it, Democrats would propose to repeal tax cuts for the richest vote under Donald Trump and raise taxes on capital income for the richest 0.3% of Americans. In every tone it is promised: no American will earn less than $ 400,000 per year, increasing their taxes.

The speech would also mark the beginning of a bitter battle in Congress: if its plan to support the $ 1.9 trillion economy cleared the hurdle without any real difficulty, over its huge investment plans in infrastructure and education The discussion promises to be more stormy.

“Like Bernie Sanders” –

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday, “President Biden has introduced himself to the campaign as a liberal, but I have a hard time making the most minor decision ever.” In an in-vitriolic editorial, the Wall Street Journal, for its part, said that Mr. Biden, who has been “lucky”, on both vaccines and economic reform, does not take the opportunity to “bring the country together”. Citing unprecedented tax hikes since 1968 and a level of spending “never seen since 1960”, the daily regrets that it has decided to rule “like Bernie Sanders”.

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From the podium, the Democratic president should praise the “extraordinary progress” that, in his words, made on the face of Kovid-19 in recent months, especially in the United States with a rapid acceleration of the rate of vaccination. More than 96 million people, or about 30% of the population, are considered fully vaccinated. And, in a verdict filled with symbols, health officials announced on Tuesday that in order to avoid congestion, Americans are not required to get life-saving shots, which are required to wear masks outside. “The president has been working on this speech for several weeks,” White House spokesman Jane Saki said.

“This will reiterate our determination to re-engage in world affairs,” he said, referring specifically to relations with China. If the President’s address on Capitol Hill is a ritual that breaks American political life, it is scheduled for this year at 9 pm. ()Thursday 01:00 GMT), Will take place in a unique environment, requires Kovid-19.

“Virtual” guests –

Only a few 200 people, usually more than 1,600, will meet in the prestigious chamber of the House of Representatives to participate. And elected officials were asked to present a list of “virtual” guests this year … John Roberts will currently be the only judge of the Supreme Court. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin will also be on hand, but the rest of the government will watch the speech on television. Another pause with tradition: It would not be necessary to choose a “named survivor” this year, a member of the government appointed each year not to attend the speech and who lives in a reluctant place to take the reins of the building. Strength in the event of an attack. US President Joe Biden speaks for the first time in Congress on Wednesday to show his will for reform, especially in tax matters, after a vigorous start to his mandate.

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For the first time in history, two women will be seated behind the president in a camera field: Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House, and Kamala Harris, who became the first woman to assume the vice-presidency in January.

During Donald Trump’s last speech to this chamber in February 2020, the atmosphere should be much less tense.

Prior to the speech, he had apparently avoided joining hands with Nancy Pelosi. Once the speech was over, the latter later tore her copy with a dramatic gesture of the speech.

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