Facial recognition in Clearview AI, UK fines

UK Data Privacy Authority fined American facial recognition company Clearview Ai for £17 million ($22.6 million) for failing to comply with national data protection laws. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said it had approved Clearview AI for not informing British citizens that it was Collecting billions of photos from sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn To build your own facial recognition software.

Clearview AI sells its technology trained with these images to law enforcement and other customers. The system allows the user to upload a picture of the face and find matches a database of billions of images Collected from internet and social media. The ICO also sent an interim notice to the company requesting it to stop further processing of UK citizen data. delete all data already in his possession. Clearview AI can still challenge fines and allegations of data breach, while the ICO has said it will make a final decision on fines by mid-2022.

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The UK Data Privacy Authority’s decision follows a joint investigation into Clearview AI, conducted in conjunction with the Australian Information Commissioner (Oaic). Oaic already, earlier this month, He ordered Clearview to clear the data After discovering that they violated national laws.

British Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham wrote in a note that she had “Significant concerns that personal data is being processed in a way that no one in the UK would have expected”, Highlighted violations have failure to process information The number of people in a fair and informed manner along with compliance with the highest standards required for the processing of biometric data. The company also won’t have a plan to stop data retention indefinitely.

In a response statement, Clearview AI said that Ico’s claims are false and thatA company is considering an appeal, clear view “Provides publicly available information from the Internet to law enforcement agencies”, said Kelly Hegdorn, a lawyer for the company. Clearview AI faces the first penalty imposed by ICO and if it remains unchanged, it will be approx. 60% of the $38 million in funding raised by investors. Earlier this year, a Swedish regulator fined the country’s police authority €250,000. Canada in February restrict the use of software The company, which has already been used by several government agencies in the UK.

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