Faced with wave of Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, opposition prompts Boris Johnson to adopt new measures

9:00 pm, December 25, 2021

They wait for him with knives between their teeth. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will convene his government on Monday to discuss a new package of health measures to tackle the Omicron variant. However, the positions of Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, respectively Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, respectively, both of their positions, but also of ‘Secretary of State for Education, Nadim Zahvi’ has not changed. Last week, at a similar meeting that went ahead, he, along with some of his colleagues, strongly opposed further sanctions…

The cabinet isn’t the only place Bozo could face a slinging blow this week. British lawmakers set to sit on Tuesday in an emergency in Westminster could be called on to vote on “Plan C” against Omicron. It would be voted on only fifteen days after “Plan B”, which generated a major revolt within the conservative camp, with 99 lawmakers refusing to comply with their prime minister against the health measures. Boris Johnson has yet to rely on Labor’s support to pass on lighter equipment, such as vaccination passes only for nightclubs and large gatherings, or wearing a mask indoors except in pubs and restaurants.

Popularity rating is already in bad shape

Faced with this new ultra-transmissible variant, the head of government has deliberately refused to tighten the screws before Christmas so as not to blow away the already in bad shape popularity ratings. “Boris Johnson begins this festive period with a stern authorization”, confirmed the daily on Friday Guardian Columnist Heather Stewart.

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The prime minister, who on Tuesday announced “not to rule out additional measures after Christmas”, counts on personal responsibility to increase vaccination coverage until then. About 70% of the British received their two doses and 47% a third, called “boosters” across the channel. In his will issued on Friday, he urged the population to get vaccinated. in vain?

Weakened by several scandals and setbacks in recent weeks, BoJo finds himself again under a wall due to a mutant virus. Even though this new version sounds less lethal, British scientists are urging it to adopt the new provisions. But with what leeway and with what majority in parliament, did Boris Johnson promise lawmakers to keep their word on any new restrictions?

Tony Blair, Heavy Support

Conservative leaders can only win their case once again with the support of Labor, which draws 38% of the vote of intent to vote, compared with 32% for the Tories. Labor is happy to offer its rivals a new reason to split, claiming Johnson is “too weak” to pursue his new plan on his own. They are also urging him to clarify the situation in England, as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland announced new restrictions on Boxing Day this Sunday. Even former Labor Prime Minister Tony Blair came to his rescue, he said on Wednesday times radio That they would not have imposed new restrictions even before Christmas and given the communicability of the virus, only complete control would be in effect. It is enough to bring alive the ministerial meeting to be held on Monday.

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