Faced with an influx of new COVID patients, the situation in hospitals is tense

Many establishments have been forced to suspend operations deemed non-essential, while intensive care units watch their beds fill up.

Code black across the channel. While a few days ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the imminent end of all restrictions, including the wearing of masks and social distancing, in England, the latter wants to rely on the “personal responsibility” of his compatriots, the health situation is tense. United Kingdom.

Coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom infected more than 30,000 on Wednesday for the first time since January. with this, Wire Underscores, for its part, that hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 have increased by 70% in one week, for England only.

In a speech earlier in the week, the former London mayor announced that Covid-19 cases could reach 50,000 by July 19, when the last restrictions were lifted, and the number of deaths linked to the disease is expected to rise as well. . Especially because of the proliferation of the delta version. The figures are balanced by strong vaccination coverage, which officials hope to be able to break the chain of contamination.

saturated hospital

Logically, the rapid increase in these figures is directly impacting the functioning of hospitals. as explained independentThe Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, one of England’s largest establishments in the country’s north-east, is already forced to postpone several non-urgent operations due to the return of COVID patients. The hospital has introduced a “black code” at its emergency gates.

In an internal email to the establishment that British media was able to consult, Hierarchy outlines that “four cancer patients today are being deprogrammed with very difficult and disturbing conversations. It is very likely that we will be facing another Covid-19 pandemic.” We’re due to open the service this week,” we learn.

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“We are in July, it is unprecedented for us to be in this position”, we can read in this email which leaves little room for interpretation.

According to the latest figures from the National Health Service (NHS), the UK healthcare system, there is a 57% increase in hospital admissions curve in the North East and Yorkshire for the region.

“Our Only Option”

Further north, the situation in Scotland is hardly deeper. as always independentTwo local hospitals have also had to activate the famous “code black”, indicating a strong strain, always due to the increase in patients affected by severe forms of COVID-19.

This time, the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Dr Gray Hospital in Elgin reached their maximum capacity and in turn had to postpone many non-urgent operations. A few days ago, it was an establishment in the city of Inverness that had reached this level.

“It is a dynamic that can change every day. Canceling trades or appointments is never a decision we take lightly. However, it is our only option if we want to take some of the pressure off and on employees. Want to allow the focus to be on the most urgent care,” said Nick Fluck, Grampian District NHS medical director.

It must be said that the Scottish situation is more than worrisome. According to ScotsmanThe country is on its way to become the European “Covid capital” as five of its regions are on the list of the ten most affected regions of the continent. Local media reported that Teesside County had the highest COVID case rate in Europe with an incidence of 677. It is followed by Lothian, which has 570 Covid cases per 100,000 population. Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Fife and Lanarkshire are also on the list.

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