Facebook wants to change its name from next week

Facebook is reportedly considering a rebranding of the company which will include a new name focused on the metaverse (virtual, fictional world).

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, 37, is about to rename the company, days after announcing he was recruiting 10,000 highly qualified profiles in Europe within five years to build this sustainable virtual world. Better reflect your future ambitions.

Mark Zuckerberg said in late July that ” Soon, we will no longer be seen as a group with social networks, but as a group working on the metaverse “. Facebook’s founder is investing heavily in what he envisions to be an Internet connection platform in the future, which will be the successor to the computer from the smartphone.

The change could be announced next week on the sidelines of the annual Facebook Connect conference that begins on October 28, 2021. Social Networks ” at F on a blue background Will maintain his identity. But its California parent company, which also controls the Instagram app, WhatsApp and the Oculus virtual reality headset, may be renaming itself. This rebranding will position the social network Facebook and its applications as a simple product among the many services of the parent company that oversees companies such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Oculus.

Facebook isn’t the first giant to reorganize its activities in Silicon Valley incorporating its brand name; in 2015, another US tech giant used the same strategy. Google reorganized its activities under the Alphabet holding company to clarify the structure of the group and emphasize that it was no longer a simple search engine but was actually a giant company whose activities were linked to cars. are related to health. stand-alone or advertising

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