Facebook truncated his name in its metaverse

Horizon Worlds is the new name for Facebook Horizon, the metaverse of the still-in-development social platform. This change is in line with Horizon Workroom, the name given to its immersive remote work application. The Horizon brand is paired with Oculus, which Facebook uses for its virtual reality headsets and its immersive app store.

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm is also distancing itself from Unity, the graphic design engine that contributed largely to the catalog presented during the Facebook Horizon announcement. As the UploadVR site reminds us, Facebook tried in vain to buy Unity, which has since gone public with a capitalization of around €30 billion.

Two years after its experimental launch, Horizon Worlds is still far from being open to the general public. Facebook announced the provision of a new 10 million fund to attract developers and content. The money will be distributed through community contests and a program for developers who agree to work for Horizon according to themes suggested by Facebook. Facebook has also said that it will expand reach of its Metaverse to new people over the course of the year.

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