Facebook is working on building the “Metaverse”, Zuckerberg’s “Holy Grail”

billionaire sees in “Meta Universe” Where the real and the virtual merge, and where people can interact as avatars, the future of social networks.”successor to the mobile Internet.

Facebook on Monday 26 July announced the creation of a team dedicated to the “Metaverse”, which means a “Meta Universe” Where the real and the virtual merge until they emerge, the vision of science fiction already existing in video games. According to its founder Mark Zuckerberg, the Metaverse symbolizes the future of the social network. “I hope in about 5 years (…) People first see us as a metaverse company”, he said in an interview on the exclusive site ledge Last week.

The California giant’s new ambitions will depend on its virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality division, “Facebook Reality Labs” (FRL), which will be headed by Andrew Bosworth, who is exclusively responsible for the Oculus immersive headsets, which are the main drivers of the Oculus immersive headsets. are mainly used for entertainment purposes. . for the moment. Those coming from the Instagram application as well as Facebook Gaming (video games) and Oculus were recruited.

The essential quality of the metaverse would be presence – a sense of being really with people. “

Mark Zuckerberg

“To fulfill our vision of the metaverse, we need to build connective tissue (Different) Digital space – to remove physical boundaries and be able to move between them as easily as the rooms in your home”, Boss said on his Facebook profile on Monday. “The essential quality of Metaverse will be presence – the feeling of actually being with people – and FRL has been building products that have brought presence to various digital spaces over the years.”, He continued.

Augmented Reality Hologram and Glasses

The metaverse designates a cyberspace parallel to physical reality where a community of people can interact as avatars. The concept was developed in a science fiction novel by author Neil Stephenson. Certain communities associated with video games have formed embryos of the Meta Universe, such as Roblox (a platform that includes a myriad of games created by children and teens) or Fortnite (a shooter and survival game that conquered 350 million people Is). For example, at the end of last April, five virtual concerts by American rapper Travis Scott, who appeared as an avatar on Fortnite, were followed by more than 12 million players.

Gradually, screens, holograms, VR headsets and augmented reality glasses are about to allow fluid “movement” of virtual universes in physical spaces, much like “teleportation”, according to Mark Zuckerberg. “I always thought it was the holy grail of social interactions”, she explains in the interview with ledge, where he denounces the limitations of the smartphone as a means of communication and access to the digital space. metaverse, “It is the successor to the mobile Internet”, he says again.

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