Facebook is monitoring your iPhone even after iOS 14.5, here’s how to prevent it from being tracked

The big promise of iOS 14.5 was the ability to allow users to gain control over their data, preventing apps from tracking their every move. However, apps like Facebook still have access to some of your data.

After installing the new iOS 14.5 update on their iPhones, users were congratulated on their appsApp Tracking Transparency (ATT.)), Apple’s new anti-tracking feature. In fact, applications are now forced to ask for your permission before tracking your activity, which apparently did not please social networks such as Facebook.

Angered by Apple’s new restrictions to protect privacy, the US social network threatened to pay iPhone users. Even if you don’t accept the option, even if Facebook can no longer see everything you do, This is why the app will stop tracking you completely.

How to copy facebook tracking?

If you’ve installed the new iOS 14.5 update, Facebook may have already asked you whether to accept ad tracking. If it is not, then follow the below manipulation:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Go to privacy
  • Track. Click on
  • Uncheck Allow App Tracking Requests
  • Confirm by choosing Ask app to stop tracking

Facebook must now ask for your consent to enable ad tracking. Refusal allows you to remove a lot of options to monitor your usage beforehand, but Facebook will still continue to spy on you in secret. Fortunately, it is possible Manually limit Facebook tracking by going into settings.

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To do this, go to the Facebook menu in “Settings and Privacy” and “Settings”. When you go down, you will get many options related to your privacy. If you want to protect your privacy, It is recommended to disable location services in the same name option.

You also have to turn off the facial recognition option, which allows you to easily tag friends and acquaintances on photos and videos. Do not hesitate to modify the parameters in “Profile and Identity”, so you will have the option for e.g. Define who can see the posts in which you are mentioned.

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