Fabian Roussel: an ecology between the nuclear and the social

On the left, most candidates for the presidential election are concerned about the French and the global climate future. But Fabian Roussel does it his own way. Between the nuclear and happy days of “Aparcel”, the communist links the decarbonization and protection of the purchasing power of even the most modest households. To learn more, Natura Sciences poses targeted questions to them about their ecological program.

Fabian Roussel during their meeting in Montreal on February 16, 2022. // Photo: Chayma Deb / Natura Sciences

Slender figure, dazzling smile, tousled hair. at the bottom of “good meat” and called public meetings “Aparcel”, Fabian Roussel presents himself as the epicenter of this presidential election. Over the next five years, his goal was to give France a “republic of happiness, Faced with the sheer despair and dullness of this campaign, these words sound like an invitation to hope.

But upon closer inspection, some of his proposals may resonate with voters whose hearts traditionally lean to the left. While opting out of nuclear power on this side of the political scale seems to be the norm, Fabian Roussel advocates the opposite. Another trend: eating less meat. More ecological, and better for health, say scientists. Never mind, it’s not Russell’s vision.

For several weeks, Natura Sciences followed the Communist candidate on several trips to Paris and Montreal. And despite a Mediapart investigation that accuses him of bogus employment related to his past as a parliamentary assistant, the first round is delivered to Fabian Russell opposite Anne Hidalgo. To learn more about their environmental program and their solutions to the climate emergency, we posed some targeted questions to them. Here are his answers.

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Natura Science: The IPCC said it again in the third part of its sixth report yesterday: there is urgency. In the latest three years, greenhouse gas emissions will have reached their global peak. Without this it would be impossible to limit global warming to 1.5°C or 2°C.

But today, the Earth has already warmed by more than 1.1 degrees Celsius since the start of the pre-industrial era. If you become the President of the Republic, what will be your most structural action to change the model of growth and consumption?

Fabian Roussel I propose to invest extensively in the energy transition, and respect the recommendations of the IPCC which calls for all countries to invest 6% of GDP for climate. For France, this means reaching 140 billion euros in investment.

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