F1 in a nutshell | New gearbox for Hamilton and Verstappen, no grid penalties

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New gearbox for Hamilton and Verstappen, no grid penalties

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will both start the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with a new gearbox. Sometimes this results in a grid penalty as well, but that’s not the case for the two title candidates this weekend. Drivers must run at least six consecutive races with the gearbox; Only then can they replace the box. Both gentlemen have already done this, so they can change their bin ‘for free’.

Szafner after disappointing season: ‘We did our best’

Otmar Szafnauer indicated at the press conference that the start of the season was ‘disappointing’. After changing the rules, the car turned out to be less powerful than the previous season. “After that we did our best to get out of that hole again,” said the Aston Martin team principal. However, the team soon had to stop developing the current car, as the focus was to be on the car for the next season.

Pirelli issues explanation for explosion in Qatar

Pirelli has announced the cause of the flat tire in Qatar in a press release. According to the tire manufacturer, the drivers drove the tires over the curb for too long. Continuous driving on the curb caused the tire pressure to drop and eventually the tires broke. According to Pirelli, the situation was unique.

Briatore: ‘Mercedes engine will make a difference’

Flavio Briatore hopes the new rear engine of Lewis Hamilton’s car will be a deciding factor in his title fight with Max Verstappen. The former Renault team boss thinks the Briton will win his eighth world title. “I see Hamilton as the big favourite,” said the Italian adnchronos, “Mercedes is also doing better at the moment and the engine will make the difference compared to Red Bull Racing on the track in Jeddah,” Briatore said.

Brand in Windtunnel Van Aston Martin

A fire broke out in a wind tunnel at the Aston Martin factory in the United Kingdom. The Aston Martin team has said on Twitter that nothing is wrong and that people have nothing to worry about. The fire was quickly extinguished and the Lawrence Stroll-owned team appreciates the fans’ concern.

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Steiner about a difficult Formula 1 season: ‘We didn’t do anything wrong’

Haas team principal Gunther Steiner has no regrets that his team said at the start of the season that it would stop developing the current car. Haas decided to focus on the 2022 car to do better that season. Although it looks like Haas will end the season without a win, Steiner would have made no other choice. “I don’t think we did anything wrong. It was a tough season, but we knew it was coming. Next year we look forward to finding our way again,” Steiner says

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Red Bull and Mercedes may appear together for a press conference

The press conference schedule for the upcoming race weekend in Saudi Arabia has been announced. Thursday is dominated by press and media obligations. This time around, the top teams, Mercedes and Red Bull, could appear in pairs for the press conference. Max Verstappen will join Valtteri Bottas, while Sergio Perez will join Lewis Hamilton. Title contenders won’t meet until they hit the track, but given the format, there will be no doubt about the Constructors’ Championship.

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Williams Junior Sgt to make Formula 2 debut in Jeddah

Logan Sargent could make his Formula 2 debut for the HWA RaceLab team in Jeddah. With that said, the American will drive Formula 2 this year, after originally being forced to stay in Formula 3 due to financial problems. Sargent has been a junior driver with the Williams team since the Grand Prix weekend in Austin, finishing seventh in the FIA ​​F1 Championship earlier this year.

Isola previews Jeddah street circuit

Mario Isola, the boss of Pirelli’s Formula 1 division, looks forward to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix where racing will take place on the streets of Jeddah. “Jeddah is perhaps most unknown to us,” Isola said in Pirelli’s press release. “The track has only just been completed and we can only rely on the simulations of Formula 1, the teams and other information that we have managed to gather.” According to Isola, this street circuit is very different from other street circuits on the calendar due to the sharp corners and high speeds. “There will be many different elements that keep the tires working harder,” concludes Isola.

Verstappen once again nominated for ‘Sportsman of the Year’

Max Verstappen has a chance to be selected for the ‘Sportsman of the Year’ title again. The Red Bull driver is on the list again this year. The Dutchman won the title in 2016, the year he won the Spanish Grand Prix after switching to Red Bull Racing. In the election, Verstappen will face Riko Verhoeven, Matthew van der Poel and Jeffrey Herlings.

Button hopes for a stronger Albon at Williams: ‘He has the pace’

Former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button expects Alexander Albon to have a good year at Williams in 2022. Last season, the Thai-British was still Max Verstappen’s teammate, but was unable to impress next to the Dutchman. “He had a hard time next to Max,” says Button sky game, “But I think he can do well for Williams with Latifi. He’s matured and he always has the pace. I hope he continues with the team,” Button said.

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Red Bull opens Verstappen exhibition in Breda in early December

From 4 December to 11 December, Red Bull Racing will hold an extensive exhibition about Max Verstappen and his team, titled Values ​​to the Max, The exhibition, curated by Verstappen’s resident photographer Frits van Aldik, shows the story of Verstappen’s journey in Formula 1 from karting to the Red Bull Junior program, Toro Rosso and finally the great Red Bull team itself. In addition, the focus is on the team itself, and how Helmut Marko’s junior program works. The stories of Red Bull protagonists Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo are also featured. Several F1 cars can also be admired at the exhibition.

Weekend Tickets for the 2022 Grand Prix Zandvoort Are Already Sold Out

Weekend tickets for next season’s Grand Prix of Zandvoort are already sold out. This is partly due to the fact that the grandstands had to remain partially empty during this year’s race in the Netherlands. Those who were not allowed to be in attendance during that Grand Prix weekend could be in the stands next season. The race will take place on 4 September in Zandvoort.

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Wyplay announces press conference about Formula 1 broadcast in the Netherlands

From 2022, Wyplay will broadcast Formula 1 in the Netherlands, as parent company Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT, ed.) has taken broadcast rights from Ziggo. There will be a new interpretation of the Formula 1 broadcast on TV on Wyplay, for which Amber Brantson has already been roped in as a presenter. On 8 December, NENT will hold a press conference where more details will be given about the content of Formula 1 broadcasts on the streaming service, which will also broadcast darts and the German Bundesliga. Brentson and ‘Head of Sports’ Marco Zevenveld will be present at the press conference.

Schwartzman to test for Haas in Abu Dhabi

Russian Robert Schwartzman will test for Haas in Abu Dhabi at the end of the season. The 22-year-old driver is competing in Formula 2 this season and has two victories to his name. The young rider is looking forward to working with Haas. “It’s great to drive for the Formula 1 team. I want to learn as much as I can,” said Schwartzman. The fact that the Russian is going to test for Haas is not unexpected. Schwartzmann is part of Ferrari’s academy and a client team of the Haas Italian racing stable.

Kubica also reserves driver at Alfa Romeo in 2022

Robert Kubica to be reserve driver for Alfa Romeo team next season, report race fan, The Swiss team has extended its contract with sponsor Orlen. Orlen’s investment will continue if Kubica remains part of the team. Twice this year the pole had to be filled for Kimi Raikkonen, as the Finn was infected with the coronavirus. Kubica rode the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and Italy, finishing fourteenth at Pole Zandvoort.

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Aston Martin recruits new head of aerodynamics from Mercedes

Aston Martin has appointed a new head of aerodynamics from Mercedes, report race, Erik Blandin will move to Lawrence Stroll’s team at the end of next season. In 2017, Blandin was appointed head of Mercedes’ aerodynamics department. Dan Follows will also make his switch from Red Bull to Aston Martin in 2022, with much more to do. He will work there as technical director.

Prost about Alonso: ‘For me he is the best driver on the grid’

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso took a surprising third place finish at the Losel International Circuit during last Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix. The two-time world champion had to wait a long time for his podium spot. His last podium finish for Qatar is in 2014. Everyone at Alpine is happy to have Alonso and Alain Prost is very happy too.

“For me he is the best driver on the grid,” Prost quoted Cars, motors and sports. ‘It’s unbelievable what kind of observation he has. He has a great love for tires and cars. Prost was first suspicious of the Spaniard’s arrival. The four-time world champion thought Alonso was a bit of a diva: “But he has changed as a person. He now really works for the team.” Alpine is currently in fifth place, 25 points ahead of AlphaTauri.

Podium or flat tire Alonso ‘some turnaround’

After 7 years, Fernando Alonso was finally allowed to re-enter the Formula 1 podium. The Spaniard made it to the end in Qatar with a one-stop strategy, and in the end managed to put Sergio Pérez behind him. An impressive achievement, not only because of the Mexican’s new tires, but also because of the flat tires of at least four drivers in the field.

Whether Fernando Alonso’s pristine hard tires will hold up is just a matter of a few corners, explains team boss Marcin Budkowski Motorsport.com, “On the last lap I saw all the mechanics jump over the fence, but I was like ‘No, no, no, there are still some corners’. For Dhruv, it was all about those final clearances in Qatar.” There was talk of some corners whether we would make it or not.

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