F1, Hungarian GP: Lewis Hamilton attacks Hungary’s anti-gay laws on social media

On the eve of the Hungarian GP, ​​Lewis Hamilton took the side of Hungary’s LGBT community, which was slammed by Orban for a law that prohibits or prohibits young people from being exposed to gay material. Seven-time world champion: “Everyone is free to be himself”

“To all who live in this beautiful country, Hungary. Looking back at this weekend’s Grand Prix, I want to share my support for those affected by the government’s anti-LGBT law. It is unacceptable, cowardly and deceptive that Joe also in power he suggests such a law”. Signed, Lewis Hamilton. Hours after the final round of the World Cup before the summer break, the British shared a message to the Hungarian community in the wake of a referendum that would ratify or repeal a law approved in June that limits or restricts exposure. of young people to satisfy homosexuals.

“Pledge No Al Referendum”

Just days earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán challenged the EU by saying that he wanted to launch a popular consultation defined as “laws for the protection of minors”, which were described by the EU as “unacceptable premises”. as condemned. discriminatory measures and repressive measures against the LGBTQ community”. This is how Hamilton’s message on social media continues: “Everyone deserves the freedom to be themselves, regardless of who they love or how they identify themselves – seven times. The world champion writes – I urge the Hungarians to vote, in the next referendum, in favor of protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community, they need our support more than ever.” And again: “Please Show love to those around you because love will always win”.

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Hamilton, another gesture in the fight against equality

This is not the first view that Hamilton expresses in favor of equality and against discrimination of any kind. The report, prepared with its similar commission in mid-July, ranges from various programs with Mercedes to encourage underrepresented categories and residents in the United Kingdom and to bring them closer to subjects such as science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. till. Promoting diversity in motorsport. And recently the British launched a new charitable foundation, Mission 44, investing around 24 million euros.

Vettel come Lewis

Sebastian Vettel also joined Hamilton. The former Red Bull and Ferrari four-time world champion appeared at Hungaroring with special shoes: white and rainbow, a symbol of the LGBTQ movement. He then remarked: “Everyone is free to do whatever they want, and that’s exactly the point – explained Apple – I find it shameful for a country that is part of the European Union or has laws like this , given that we have had a lot of opportunities to learn in the past”. It still is. He said, ‘I don’t understand how the representatives of the government are fighting for everyone’s freedom if they Let’s not let them live. We pilots are talking about this issue, it is not up to us to make laws as it is not our role, but I think we should express more support to those affected by these measures. “

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