F 1 | Turkish GPs at risk of UK sanctions: Scenarios and solutions

Turkey F1 GP, put in place of Canada, risks being canceled after the United Kingdom has put the country at risk, forcing a large section of the paddock into a lengthy quarantine.

The United Kingdom has included Turkey in at-risk countries, due to which F1 risks not being able to compete in Turkish GPs, as English workers will be forced to 10-day quarantine from home. Domenici said that he has established a dialogue with British institutions to lift quarantine for members of the paddock.

Formula 1 announced about a month ago that it would compete in a Grand Prix in Turkey, as a Canadian ban would prevent the circus from being able to race on the Montreal circuit. The Istanbul Park race is scheduled for the week after June 13, Azerbaijan GP.

Turkey will replace Canada in GP 2021 F1 World Championship

On 7 May, the British government announced that it had included Turkey in at-risk countries, so for anyone traveling from Turkey to the UK, a 10-day quarantine at a government-selected hotel would be mandatory. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps insisted that one of the countries on this list should go into extreme cases.

Seven out of ten teams have their head office in the UK, with many staff members, which will prevent them from returning home quickly. Employees were forced to undertake a 10-day quarantine in 2020, which was followed by a double negative swab.

Formula 1 had already prepared a plan for the Portuguese GP, as it was right in the British Red List. Employees had to go straight to Spain without going home, and after a few days they could return home after spending 10 days following the Portuguese GP outside the United Kingdom. The plan was not implemented as Portugal dropped the English Red List.

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In this regard, F1 has issued a press release: “We are aware of the announcement of the British Government. We are evaluating the situation and will provide further details in the coming days. ”

Dominique in talks to bring German GP back to F1 calendar

One of the possible solutions would be to have the team members return home following the Azerbaijan GP and then do a double race in France or Austria on June 20, anticipating the French GP. Another hypothesis is to bring the Turkish GP forward on 6 June to head to Baku at a later time. However, there remains the possibility of choosing one of the tracks already used last year, such as Mugello and Nurburgering.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Dominical said he was working with British officials to get some benefits. In any case, Dominicli stated that while racing is currently the goal in Turkey, options will be evaluated at a later time.

“We are trying to understand whether it would be possible for people involved in GPs to activate a type of exemption. If this is not possible, we will look for alternative locations, as we aim to have the same number of races on the calendar. Mugello and Nurburging Solutions? They are not on the agenda ” Domhnickle said.

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