“Extremely problematic” words of a professor

Two professors of the Institute of Political Studies (IEP) Islamophobia have been in the grip of an intense conflict since the posting on Thursday, March 4, following allegations of “insult” for which a judicial inquiry was opened on the report of the establishment.

« These posters not only endanger the lives of two colleagues “IEP Director Sabine Sauroger told AFP on Wednesday,” But also to all student communities, teachers, administrative staff »

Particularly at the core of these allegations, an email was exchanged between a German teacher over the notion of Islamophobia in November and December last year, mentioning his name as posters and a historian.

This German teacher, in particular, writes in the extracts that he himself published for some time on his website, which he ” This religion is not very like »Which sometimes gives him« Openly frightened »« How does it scare off many french people »

“A very problematic tone”

He disputes the presence of the term Islamophobia in a working group called “Racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism,” given the notion ” Persecution of (imaginary) Muslim extremists (and other misguided Muslims) “, Before accepting an apology email” Let go several times In these exchanges.

« I think there is a tone that is extremely problematic in his words, with ideas that sometimes develop a little too quickly, and so have been the call to order and the call to dialogue. By management, Ms. Sauroogar explained.

« Educational freedom is a principle that is central to Science Po Grenoble “, Continues the director,” And when this educational freedom begins to reach the limits that are defined by a regulatory framework, in this case, the director must intervene, and interfere with the call to order »

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“A potentially dangerous situation”

On the other hand, the lecturer in Political Science, a syllabus given by another teacher, was the subject of a call for testimony on 22 February ”. Is very problematic According to the director from the main students association of IEP.

The Union Syndicale Sciences Po Grenoble specifically explained that he wanted ” remove »This teaching« Educational model for next year if Islamophobic remarks were given as scientists during this course »

« We should know that today, and since the assassination of Samuel Patty, we are in a situation that is serious, and could be potentially dangerous for networks that are accused of Islamophobia. », Continues Sabine Sauroger, Professor of Political Science.

“Reconstruction” Science Po Grenoble

Because of this call for testimony, this professor asked the students of this association ” (His) to leave the squares and never set foot there again “, According to an email from which AFP has received a copy.

This request is ” Clearly discriminatory “For Miss Sorugar, despite the decision by the Grenoble prosecutor to dismiss the union discrimination complaint filed on February 27 by the Union Syndicale.

Affected by several days of controversy, Sabine Saurogar ” Call of appeasement “And” A dialogue “For students and teachers” to rebuild »Science Po Grenoble Car,« In a way, the existence of an establishment is at stake »

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