Extraordinary. New mineral discovered in Botswana diamonds

This is an astonishing discovery: that of Davemaoite. Does this name mean nothing to you? This is normal because it is a new mineral. published in scientific journal Science Last Thursday, the discovery came as a surprise to scientists: This mineral had never been seen before on Earth’s surface.

a diamond 660 km underground

Scientists found dawemaoite in a diamond in Botswana that formed about 660 kilometers below Earth’s surface. “The sample contained in the diamond measured only a few micrometres,” said study lead author Oliver Tschuner of the Department of Geology at the University of Nevada.

To measure the mineral’s presence in the gemstone, the researchers analyzed it using high-energy X-rays. It was the measurement of the angle and the intensity of light that enabled them to understand its composition, including that of the famous Davamoite.

A clue to Earth’s mantle

If scientists doubted the existence of such a mineral, they did not believe that it would be possible to find it on the surface of the Earth. Dewamoite usually disintegrates into other minerals and reaches the Earth’s surface, a phenomenon that has so far prevented formal proof of its existence.

Thus this unprecedented discovery could allow researchers to better understand the workings of Earth’s mantle. Determining where diamonds formed provides clues to refine research aimed at discovering other new minerals that make up the Earth’s mantle.

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