Extraordinary. First SMS Auctioned For Around 200,000 Euros: What Was It Saying?

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The money raised will be donated to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to help people flee their country.

Sent by creator of SMS

The person who sent this preceding message on 3 December 1992 was Neil Papworth, then an engineer for the British company Vodafone. He sent text messages from a computer in Newbury, in the south of England. The person who received it was Richard Jarvis, the then director of Vodafone. He read it on his Orbitel 901 phone.

The NFT that will go on sale is actually a replica of this message, and will be accompanied by information about Neil Papworth, such as his phone number at the time.

First Tweet or After Most Popular Internet Memes

This year, several other NFTs related to important events in the history of communication and the Internet have been sold at prices that may seem unimaginable, such as the meme of the little girl with the worried look, for 63,000 euros, from the YouTube video “Charlie” Bit My Finger. The first tweet for 620,000 euros, or 2.4 million euros.

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