Extensive pieces of pizza on the Northern Quarter Bar menu after being ‘officially considered sufficient’ … Police initially said they did not ‘count’ under the Tier 3 rule

Its huge pizza piece is back on the menu after being ‘officially considered adequate’, the Northern Quarter Bar said.

Rumor has it, police told them to stop serving 22-inch pizza pieces on Friday afternoon because they did not classify as ‘enough food’ under the new Tier 3 lockdown rule.

But bizarre situations were reported later Manchester Evening News And in the Sunday Times, bar staff say police contacted them again to allow them to resume sales.

According to official guidelines, in all 3 cases of Tier – now including Greater Manchester – wine can only be served alongside ‘enough food’, which defines it as ‘like a main lunch or dinner’ or main course.

Common tweeted at lunch on Sunday: “BREAKING NEWS: Slick right now.

Pizza pieces are sold at Common

“The head of Greater Manchester Police Licensing informed us that the slice gate has been redesigned and our nail pizza slices (cut from 22-inch pizza) are now officially considered sufficient.”

Common Boss Johnny Hayes had earlier described the situation as “a bit of a joke”.

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He added: “I do not want to say anything bad about the officers because everyone was being served food and they were clearly sent to check if the instructions were being followed.

“But they have no idea if enough food is made.

“They’re just giving it wings.”

Huge pieces of pizza at Common are now being served again

‘Slice Gate’ has shocked some pizza-lovers on Twitter.

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Pete Legins tweeted: “22” Pizza is being cut into 8 pieces so that the surface area of ​​each slice is 306.5 cm.

“Compared to the complete Domino’s‘ Personal Pizza ’(marketed as‘ for one ’) the surface volume is only 248 centimeters ² and their pepperoni passion is 680 calories.

“So ordinary slices are enough food meal”

HCS Sardoff Pizza tweeted: “Good lord. I’ve eaten less rice than 7 common_bar pizza pieces.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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