Expo 2020 Dubai: Ambassadors of the Pavilion of Morocco are proud to promote the Kingdom’s potential

Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 14:33

DUBAI – As part of its participation in the world exhibition “Expo 2020 Dubai”, Morocco has selected a number of officials from the Moroccan diaspora in the United Arab Emirates to represent the Kingdom at this major event.

Approved by MAP, the ambassadors of the Moroccan Pavilions welcomed the mission entrusted to them, saying they are proud to be able to convey to the rest of the world, Morocco’s potential, and its achievements in terms of heritage and civilization.

The creator-host of the culinary events, Chaumicha Chafe, noted that the Moroccan pavilion reflects luxury, Moroccan civilization and everything that sets Morocco apart from other countries, adding that it serves as a platform for visitors to discover heritage, history and history. ready to welcome. and Moroccan civilization.

For his part, Moroccan journalist Hind Bumchamar said that he is delighted to be able to represent his country at this international event, stating that the Moroccan pavilion, composed of seven floors, reflects the cultural, civilizational and scientific heritage that Presents it to the visitors in a modern way for the public.

He said that as a journalist, he has a set of tools and techniques for the public to find out what the Moroccan Pavilion presents, whether it is through social networks or through the dissemination of reports.

For her part, Lina Fassi Fihri, a travel agency manager founded for 9 years in Dubai, expressed her determination to learn of the Kingdom’s potential to attract more visitors to the Moroccan pavilion.

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“The setting up of a pavilion at a world exhibition of this nature is part of my activity in the tourism sector”, he said, emphasizing that this is an opportunity to invite the people of the exhibition to come to the state.

Morocco is among 192 countries participating in the event, which aims to share its strategic vision for a more sustainable future and provide visitors with the opportunity to live a unique experience at the pavilion level.

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