Experts warn of potential squeeze on credit card users with Capital One-Discover merger – NBC News

Experts warn of potential squeeze on credit card users with Capital One-Discover merger – NBC News

Lawmakers and consumer advocates are expressing concerns over Capital One’s proposed $35.3 billion acquisition of Discover, citing worries about the impact on credit card users already struggling with high interest rates and mounting debts.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called for federal officials to intervene and block the merger, warning that it could lead to reduced competition, higher fees, and increased credit costs for American families. Industry groups and experts have also voiced apprehensions about a shrinking credit card market dominated by a few major players, potentially leaving customers at a disadvantage.

Analysts believe that the merger could face obstacles in a Washington wary of consolidation and consumer-related issues, especially in an election year. With the average credit card interest rate in the U.S. currently at 24.61% – the highest since 2019 – and credit card debts entering “serious delinquency” increasing, concerns are mounting about the implications of the deal on consumers.

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition has criticized the merger, raising antitrust concerns and questioning the potential benefits for the public. Experts anticipate that it could take up to a year for the merger to be finalized, with regulatory and community challenges expected along the way.

The Biden administration has heightened scrutiny on large mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the banking sector, signaling potential obstacles for the Capital One-Discover deal. While some speculate that the merger could result in lower credit card rates due to anticipated Federal Reserve interest rate cuts, borrowers are advised to address existing high-interest debt regardless of the merger.

Despite the apprehensions surrounding the deal, some experts suggest that customers could benefit from expanded rewards programs as Capital One looks to offset cost increases by leveraging Discover’s revenue and exposure. As the merger continues to unfold, consumers are advised to stay informed and consider their options carefully.

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