Experience the Full Worm Moon in Wales

Experience the Full Worm Moon in Wales

Residents of Western New York are in for a celestial treat tonight as the Full Worm Moon makes its appearance in the evening sky. The Full Worm Moon, which gets its name from the reappearance of Earthworms as the soil warms in March, will be visible in the East to slightly southeast sky after 7pm.

Weather conditions are expected to be ideal for Moon viewing, with a crystal clear sky over WNY. However, temperatures will be on the chilly side, with readings in the 20s and some areas south of Rochester dropping into the teens. Viewers are advised to dress warmly if they plan on heading outside to catch a glimpse of the Full Worm Moon.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, Western New York can expect another sunny day with temperatures starting near 20 degrees in the morning and rising to the middle 50s in the afternoon. The Spring-like warmth will continue throughout the week, with high temperatures reaching the 50s on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

So be sure to bundle up tonight to enjoy the magical sight of the Full Worm Moon rising in the sky, and then get ready to bask in the warmth of the upcoming Spring-like weather in the days to come. Stay tuned to Insider Wales Sport for more updates on weather and celestial events in the Western New York area.

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