Exoplanet Moons, Fractured Dinosaurs and Shuffled Objects

Science news of July 22, 2021 is:

In space: the first clear detection of a disk that could form a moon around a planet.

  • The star PDS 70 is only 5.4 million years old, while our Sun is 4.6 billion years old, and two exoplanets, PDS 70 b and PDS 70 c, are still forming around it.

  • Studying the juvenile star system formed by the star PDS 70 and two exoplanets discovered in 2018 and 2019 may allow us to learn more about the formation of planets and moons.

  • A disk of matter (gas and dust) has been observed around PDS 70c, thanks to the ALMA radio telescope, which could allow scientists to observe the formation of the moon around the planet.

In Paleontology: Fractures and cancer: The poor health of dinosaurs examined by paleontologists.

  • A specimen from the Hadrosauridae family, discovered in Patagonia in the 1980s, has been analyzed by a team of Argentine-Spanish researchers.

  • The dinosaur suffered from a tumor that developed on a bone on one of its legs, but also fractured vertebrae.

  • He did not die from these injuries, which may not have disturbed his movement.

In Archaeology: In the 16th century, the Chicacha turned to European objects to represent them in their daily lives.

  • American archaeologists have found more than 80 objects of European origin and dating from the 16th century in the Mississippi area.

  • The objects were discovered in the ancient region of the Chicachas, the Amerindian people, and were identified as belonging to the expedition of the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto, thus confirming the meeting between the two peoples.

  • Some tools seem to have been modified to divert their initial use so that they could serve as substitutes for objects belonging to their culture.

In Space: Russia is sending a scientific module to the ISS, which was to be launched in 2007.

  • The Russian yacht laboratory module has been sent to the International Space Station aboard a rocket, and is expected to arrive on July 29.

  • The launch is intended to replace the PIR module for twenty years, but also to improve the working and living conditions of the astronauts.

  • The yacht began to be assembled in the early 1990s, but its departure was delayed.

Healthy: Access to nature promotes better cognitive development in adolescents.

  • According to an analysis of tests of cognitive development, mental health and psychological and social well-being given to English adolescents, exposure to the natural environment would be beneficial for 9-15 year olds.

  • The advantage is particularly important in the case of proximity to the forest, an ecosystem that allows for abundant visual and auditory stimulation.

  • As one in ten children in London suffer from chronic mental illness, the place of woodlands in urban development plans may be reconsidered.

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