Exclusive: Care Homes Ask Carnavirus Patients to Be Ready

Exclusive: Care Homes Ask Carnavirus Patients to Be Ready

Carriers have been told to be ready for another wave, according to their alarm Coronavirus Patients will be discharged from the hospital to the care home in a few days.

A leaked email to ITV News revealed how a council had asked caregivers by noon tomorrow whether they were ready to accept the agency’s residents to the state.

A Middlesbrough Council official said: “In the next few weeks and weeks we will probably see residents who have left the hospital show that Covid-19 is positive.

“If a house is not able to receive occupants with a positive result and is properly isolated, would you please allow me? [us] Find out … by noon 12/09/2020. “

  • Paul Brand, a political reporter for ITV News, said the email had created deep fears about the possibility of a second wave

Several carers have expressed their disbelief at the news, saying patients with Covid-19 have been given dangerous means to disperse at home during the first wave of the virus.

Although all newcomers from the hospital are now regularly tested for Covid-19 and their results are announced at home, one care manager who received the email asked: “Are they trying to spread the virus from house to house again?”

Another told ITV News: “The email reads in the lines that if you don’t play ball and accept these patients, you will go out in the winter.”

Care home visits can be a hit again. Submission P.A.

Care homes have expertise in dealing with infections and some people spontaneously receive Covid-19 patients, isolated in individual wings of their home.

But while 15,000 residents have already died in the care of England’s Covid-19 alone, many are worried about the risk of a second wave.

On Friday, the government will announce a new winter plan for England’s care sector, with an additional £ 546 million to help control infection.

In May, ITV News revealed how thousands of care home beds were booked to build capacity in the NHS to take patients out of hospitals at the start of the epidemic.

However, discharged patients were not routinely tested before entering the care home until April, with carers claiming the failure had inadvertently spread the virus.

The death toll in care homes in the UK peaked on April 17. Submission P.A.

Last week ITV News revealed that most care homes in north-east England had been asked to close again, with travel bans imposed as the incidence of the virus began to rise.

Care homes have also complained about delaying test results, as they desperately try to spread the virus.

While many homes are still deeply hit by the first wave of the Covid-19, today’s leaked email will fill many more fears about a possible second spike.

A health department spokesman said: “A care home will not force an existing or new resident to be admitted to a care home if they do not feel they can provide adequate care.”

ITV News has contacted Middlesbrough Council for comment.

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