Evident. Kovid-19: Government spokesman rejects the idea of ​​imprisonment for the elderly

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8h38. « We will work on Test matches in some games with ARS », The sports minister says.

8h34. « The arrival of masks for athletes will improve the restoration of indoor sports », Explain Roxana Marsiniu, ministerial representative in charge of the game. “But it is not these health data that will be decisive”.

8h32. “I hope that, once the holidays have passed, we will be able to relax in some areas, especially in sports”., Roxana Marciniu, Deputy Minister of Sports for information of France.

8:26 AM. One fourth of the teachers in solitude Louis-Vincent High School in Metz (Moselle). Currently in solitary confinement with a quarter of his teachers, Louis-Vincent High School in Metz is emblematic of the health stress observed in the Moselle Report France Info despite itself, where epidemic indicators are more in the red than elsewhere in France. .

8:07 AM. Gabriel Attal rejects the idea of ​​imprisonment of the elderly. Government spokespersons, such as Olivier Veran yesterday, reject the idea of ​​imprisonment for the elderly, while members of the Scientific Council plead for measures in the medical journal “The Lancet Public Health” more specific » For the weak.

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8:02 AM In Greater Paris, the car took precedence over the train and metro. Even if travel still falls short, individual modes of transport favor public transport at the beginning of the year, according to the fourth part of the study “Kovid-19 and Mobility”. To read here.

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7:46 am. 7 to 10 days on quarantine extension : « Health protocols in schools will be adapted in light of this recommendation », Says Gabriel Attal.

7:44 am. “At this stage, it is important that the curfew continues and is respected”, Interprets on France, the government spokesman Gabriel etal.

7:39. Renault reported a historical loss of 8 billion euros in 2020. The group limited Brexit in the second half of the year, with a loss of only 8.9% and a net loss of EUR 660 million. But sales of its annual figures fell by -21.3% and results from its Japanese partner Nissan.

7:38. In London, a fashion week 100 % Virtual and without Victoria Beckham. London Fashion Week begins this Friday in a 100% virtual format across the country due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, with some big names on the program like Berbury but without Victoria Beckham.

7:26 AM. Be careful “ Reduce patrolling », Warns infectious disease specialist Dennis Malvi. For Professor Dennis Malavey, a member of the Scientific Council, the virus has not uttered its last word, but rather in spite of static figures. He recalls that variants are expanding and according to the model, the situation “can unfortunately worsen in late February or early March”. Topics to search for us here.

7:06 AM Biden pledges $ 4 billion for the Kovacs program. US President Joe Biden will promise this Friday, during the G7 meeting, $ 4 billion for the Kovacs anti-Kovid vaccination device, pointing to the White House.

The first installment of $ 2 billion will be released “very soon”, a senior US official indicated. The second tranche of 2 billion in 2021 and 2022 will be released gradually over two years.

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6h58. More than 100,000 Africans dead in Africa, suffering from a second wave of coronovirus, have crossed the 100,000 mark since the onset of the epidemic, but the toll on the poor continent of 1.2 billion inhabitants is undoubtedly very high.

According to AFP calculations, a total of 100,000 deaths (in 3,793,660 cases) occurred in 54 countries of the region. The relatively spared area is the last, except for Oceania, to reach this threshold crossed by Europe in April.

6:45 am Emanuel Macron’s proposal for the G7. French President Emmanuel Macron will propose this Friday during the G7 meeting that wealthy countries transfer 3% to 5% of the Kovid-19 vaccines that they have in stock on the African continent.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is « good G » With this initiative, Emmanuel Macron explains in an interview with the British daily Financial Times. « It has no effect on the speed of the vaccine strategy. [dans les pays concernés par ce transfert]. It does not slow it down, our dose is used today », Description of Head of State.

6:40 am The festival has a maximum audience of 5000. This summer’s festivals will be held in a seated configuration with a limit of 5,000 spectators due to the health crisis.

6.30 pm. The isolation of infected people is reduced from 7 to 10 days. Olivier Vernon announced Thursday evening. The Health Minister wants to respond to the apprehensions that the contagion period of the variants will be long. Read here

6:25 am 272 new deaths in France.In the last 24 hours. A total of 83,393 people have died in the country since the onset of the epidemic.

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6:20 am Updates on vaccination. More than 3,513,000 vaccinations have been done in France. 2,472,808 people received their first injection. And now more than one million French people have been given two doses (1,040,773).

6:10 AM Hello and welcome to this live. This will allow you to follow the latest developments in the Kovid-19 crisis throughout the day.

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