Everything you need to know about the Belgian Shepherd

Origin of the Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd born late 19th centuryAnd century in Belgium, under the influence of Professor Adolphe Rule. The latter wanted to bring together the best characteristics of the dogs that coexisted at the time in the area. The first standard for the Belgian Shepherd was published in 1894, and the breed was officially recognized in 1901. There are four coat types developed over timeGiving rise to four varieties of Belgian shepherds, which are sometimes considered breeds in their own right: Malinois, Tervuren, Groeneendel and Laekenois.

Belgian Shepherd’s physique

  • Size: Between 60 and 66 cm (male) and between 56 and 62 cm (female).
  • Weight: Between 25 to 30 kg (male) and 20 to 25 kg (female).
  • Hair: Short for Malinois; long for Tervueren and Groenlendael; Tough for Laekenois.
  • Hair color: fawn with black mask for Malinois; Fawn for Tervueren and Laekenois; Black for Groenendael.
  • Head shape: Long and chiseled, flat forehead.
  • Eye Shape and Colour: Round, medium in size and dark in colour.
  • Ear shape: Straight and triangular, set high on the skull.
  • Other Characteristics: Lupoid dog with a lean musculature and a strong bone structure.

Belgian Shepherd character

The Belgian Shepherd is a particularly lively and active dog. A descendant of shepherd dogs, he needs a lot of physical activity to thrive. intelligent and alert, he is very attached to his master, and is protective and loyal. The Belgian Shepherd excels in sporting disciplines such as agility, canicross or tracking. Because of these characteristics, it is commonly used for guarding, police and security-protection work. The Belgian Shepherd can thrive quite well in the family, provided they are sufficiently stimulated. He doesn’t tolerate loneliness well, and needs a present and athletic person. The Belgian Shepherd is sensitive and very playful. When his needs are met, he gets along with children, and makes an excellent life partner.

Belgian Shepherd Health

according to a study by UK Kennel Club Held in 2004, the Belgian Shepherd has an average life expectancy of 12.5 years, with 23% of deaths due to cancer. This breed is not prone to major health problems, and even genetically beneficial against diabetes, However, some other diseases are frequently observed. They include hypothyroidism, hip and elbow dysplasia, glaucoma, but also hypothyroidism and epilepsy. Osteoarthritis also often affects older individuals. Because the Belgian Shepherd is a particularly active dog, it is also necessary to pay attention to abdominal cramps, a complete and unfortunately often fatal veterinary emergency. To avoid this, it is necessary that the dog does not run like crazy just before or after eating the food.

cost of belgium shepherd

In breeding, a Belgian Shepherd puppy costs between 500 and 1,000 euros. The Belgian Shepherd is unfortunately a victim breed of its own success. As a result, prices can be even higher.

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