Every moment spent in Bristol Tier 3 costs lives and livelihoods – the mayor warned

Bristol Mayor Marvinvin Reese has warned that ‘every moment’ Bristol remains at the highest level of restriction must live and make a living.

And he added that moving to Tier 3 alone would further ‘reduce’ the city’s hospitality and that the council would have to spend 2. 2.8 million a month to help businesses and vulnerable people.

Bristol – and the surrounding areas of North Somerset and South Gloucestershire – were placed in Tier 3 by the government today, on a high-level alert.

All essential and unnecessary retail may reopen, but Tier 3 places restrictions on the hospitality sector.

Mr Reese said: “Although we all want to get back to normal as soon as possible, we must reduce the rate of Kvid-19 infection in the city.

“The Cavid-19 leads a catastrophic life and livelihood – people are getting very sick and businesses and workers are facing a lot of financial challenges.

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“For every moment we are in Tier 3, the hospitality sector will suffer more, people will lose the business they built and there will be job opportunities.”

Mr Race added that people across the city needed to work together to bring the case down – and see the city move to less stringent restrictions.

He said: “If we all work together and follow the direction, we can help go to a level with less limitations.

Bristol Mayor Marvin Race released his message to residents in a YouTube video

“Cavid-19 is transmitted from person to person and we know that one of the main reasons for the recent increase in the rate of infection is when people do not go to another person’s house.

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“We all want to see friends and family, but for now it’s important that we protect those we love without going with them.

“The sooner we all do it, the sooner we can get back to some normalcy.”

Decisions about the levels are taken by the government without any discussion and are informed by the following issues:

Case detection rate – for all ages, and especially for those over 60

How fast the case rate is rising or falling

Positivity among the general public

Pressure on the NHS – including current and proposed NHS capabilities

In local contexts and exceptional circumstances such as a local however it has an outbreak.

The number of people contracted to COVID-19 in Bristol has risen sharply since September, and the city now has an infection rate of 390.2 new cases per 100,000 people.

In the last seven days, the city had 1,608 positive results from those tested.

Christina Gray, director of public health in Bristol, said: “It is important to remember how COVD-19 occurs across all levels and to make sure we do our best to prevent the spread of the infection.

“So wear a face mask when you need to, wash your hands regularly and stay home if you are told to be self-isolated.

“If you develop symptoms, book the test at home.

“Last week we saw a slight decrease in the infection rate across the city.

“However, we should not be complacent, but we should try our best to reduce the infection further.

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“People are getting seriously ill, and we’ve seen the number of people in need of hospital treatment.

“In addition to the normal winter stress, this is putting a strain on local NHS services. Do your best to protect Bristol.”

Tier 3 will take effect on Wednesday 2 December at 00:01.

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