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Colombian legend James Rodriguez has condemned the strategy

It is safe to say that former Colombian star Carlos Valderrama, speaking of Everton’s James Rodriguez, does not approve of the current strategy implemented by the national team.

He was talking through the marker about the position the playmaker is taking on behalf of his country, threatening him that everything would go wrong for the coach, saying he should be left on the right wing.

“I’m going to be straight … James Rodriguez plays as a right winger in the Colombian team. James Rodriguez is not a right winger. When?

“So he has remained as the right winger, to respect any system, to respect the coaching staff. Do you know how many times James Rodriguez has touched the ball in the Colombia team? Count these and tell me and then tell me I know, I counted them. Count … Watch the game and count.

“It’s not that James Rodriguez is the right winger, two World Cups before, not two matches before, James Rodriguez is the tenth member of the Colombian team. They missed goals and missed goals, do you know what they missed? He is the one who made football in the Colombian team, they don’t make football, how likely were we to score in these two games? Goal possibility, I’m not talking about making a cross, I’ll throw a cross to Duvan, no. Goal Drama, ‘Man on Man’, Count These and Tell Me “

“But not now, now they have him as the right winger. So we have two wingers who produce football, James Rodriguez and Juan Cuadrado.

“If number ten doesn’t make it, if number eight doesn’t make football, we don’t make goals and we don’t make football, which is the problem of the national team now.”

James Rodriguez of Colombia (Image: Gabriel Aonte / Getty Images)

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