Ever delivered: 130,000 sheep remain stranded

Romania’s eleven cargo ships carrying live cattle are currently affected by the blockade of the Suez Canal, announced by health officials in Bucharest on 27 March 2021, an NGO concerned about the fate of 130,000 animals.

Enough food and water on board for now

The Eiver Given, a container ship weighing 220,000 tons and over 400 meters long, has been stuck since March 23, a few kilometers from the city of Suez, south of the canal, and is blocking this strategic route, which 10 Passes close to% of international maritime trade according to experts. Eleven freighters carrying 130,000 sheep are affected by this interruption. “The representatives of the carriers were contacted and assured that there was sufficient food and water on the ships for the next few days.“The National Veterinary Sanitary Agency (ANSVSA) said in a statement issued in the evening, if the situation persists, other means of supply will be considered, ANSVSA also clarified the possibility of replacing the boats”Unloading animals in other ports“Five freighters are in the Aegean Sea, while the rest are currently in the Mediterranean Sea.

On Facebook, the Animal International organization states that in all, “200,000 animals could be stranded in the retaining vessels“. These 18 boats, which are currently in the queue, will therefore come from Spain but from Spain and South America. Many of them are transporting sheep.

NGO declared “ships of death”

For Animals International, sheep kept in Romanian ships are in danger of death. “The situation is significant and the risk is an unprecedented maritime tragedy involving live animals“, In a statement sent to AFP warning its responsible in Europe Gabriel Pune.”If the animals run out of water and food, they will start pushing each other and all distress.“, He said, calling for Romania”Immediately suspend exports of live animals in favor of meat trade“.

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These apprehensions echoed the tragic sinking of a cargo vessel in the Black Sea in November 2019, shortly after Media (southeastern Romania) departed from the port. Out of the 14,600 sheep, only 180 could be saved. The NGO has reiterated the conditions of transport of cattle along the sea. “Ship of death“, Citing cases where thousands of sheep succumb to thirst or come alive during a truly drowning trip. Brussels has in the past requested an audit of Romania’s practices, if violated If action is threatened “Systematic violation“European law on animal welfare noted. The third sheep breeder in the European Union, Romania, is one of the leading exporters of Arab countries.

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