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Millions of vaccines issued – EU delivery begins

There is nothing in the way of the introduction of corona vaccination in Germany. Paul Erlich Institute released total batches More than four million vaccination doses from manufacturers Biontech and Pfizer free.

The institute is responsible for testing vaccines. The release of the batches is a prerequisite for the use of the vaccine, which is to begin on Sunday. As it was also said, the certificate was issued yesterday – the day after the EU Commission approved the vaccine. According to the information, the fact that the release took place so early was due to the fact that scientific testing of the batches had already started before approval.

Pfizer started the morning with the first delivery of the Corona vaccine, which was developed for EU countries in collaboration with Mainz company Biontech. An AFP correspondent reported that three frozen trucks left the Pfizer plant in Purs, Belgium on Wednesday morning. The vans were accompanied by a large police presence.

In Germany, according to the ARD report, bins previously delivered must be brought to a central warehouse. The Ministry of Health is keeping a secret on where this camp is. From there, vaccination supplements should be delivered to individual federal states under police protection. Each state government then decides for itself how vaccines should be collected and distributed to vaccination centers.

Since the vaccine has to be stored at minus 70 ° C, special containers and control and monitoring techniques are required.Therefore, this work is often taken by freight forwarders who specialize in pharmaceutical transport. When asked by AFP, Pfizer did not provide any information about the destination of the first batch shipped.

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The European Union Commission on Monday approved the Biontech Pfizer vaccine. Just a few hours ago, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave it the necessary green light.

Immunization is scheduled to begin in Germany on this Sunday just after Christmas. The first delivery of 151,125 cans is expected on Saturday, according to the Berlin Senate Department for Health, which currently chairs the state health ministers’ conference.

Each federal state initially receives 9,750 cartons, with the exception of Bremen, whose first delivery includes 4,875 cartons. According to Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), 1.3 million doses could be delivered to federal states by the end of the year. Then at least 670,000 cans will be added every week in January.

Barmer Health Insurance announced on Wednesday after a nationwide survey that not one in five insured individuals (22 percent) wanted to be vaccinated against coronaviruses. Doubts about the safety of vaccines (68 percent), fear of side effects (60 percent) and doubts about effectiveness (52 percent) were the biggest obstacles. (AFP, DPA, TSP)

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