EVE Online – Fanfest 2022 – CCP London still working on an FPS in EVE universe

Unveiled at the Fanfest 2022 conference, the multiplayer FPS project in the EVE universe is still under development within the CCP London studio.

To give some context, there was a time when space MMORPGs eve online was connected to the terrestrial FPS titled dust 514, And because it well bore its name, it has long since turned to dust, like its support for, the PlayStation 3 console. CCP Games working to find a replacement for them, after several abandoned projects, the last of which is known Project NovaPresented without trust during Fanfest 2018.

However, we know that the studio CCP London has been working on an FPS for several years now, with no desire to communicate on it. The project is still in preproduction today, which suggests a wait of several years. According to the developer, it will be announced only when it is ready for it. Among the scarce information revealed, it is planned to evolve into the universe of New Eden, with atmospheric visuals as shown by the conceptual image communicated during the previous Fanfest. A member of the CCP London studio in charge of the community was also present at this edition to gather players’ thoughts.

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