Evan McGregor changes from yes to yes as Scottish actor throws his support behind Scottish independence

Evan McGregor changes from yes to yes as Scottish actor throws his support behind Scottish independence

Ian McGregor wanted Scotland to remain in the UK – before he backed Scottish independence.

The Scots actor is one of the big names in the union who voted no vote in the 2014 referendum on Scotland’s future.

But in an interview on American television last night, the 49-year-old said it was “time” for Scotland to secede from the UK.

The Perth-based transporter and Star Wars actor says the Brexit vote is the main reason he changed his mind about the controversy.

The Scots actor said the Braxit vote was the main reason for his change of heart

Speaking from home in Los Angeles in real time with Bill Maher, he said: “I’ve always wanted to keep the union because I think it worked – but I think I changed my mind about it after the Brescit vote.

“I think Scotland is voting for a government that has not been given to them year after year. We are a very left-wing voting country in Scotland and we are running under Conservative rule. I think that’s probably enough. ”

As the results of the European Union referendum came out in 2016, McGregor spoke about how he was shooting transports.

He went on to refer to a map of the United Kingdom, which he claimed showed how Scotland and England were moving “in different directions” politically.

McGregor was asked in real time with Bill Maher for his views on Scottish independence.

“We were shooting the follow-up to Transpotting on the night of the Brexit vote,” he said.

“They showed those in Europe who voted to stay on the yellow map and the people who wanted to leave in blue. The map is split in half – Scotland was yellow and England around London was blue.

“I just thought, that’s it.”

He added: “I think we’re moving in different directions, so I think it’s time. I just think maybe the time has come.

“After Boris became prime minister, Scotland was like, ‘Okay, so, we’re out of here,’ you know?”

Actor’s comments Several opinion polls have shown that Scots was in favor of leaving the UK in the event of a second referendum.

The 49-year-old star had previously supported Scotland in the union

A recent survey from Savage found that 53% of respondents said they would vote yes in the 2014 rematch, compared to. 47% said no.

Nikola Starzion recently announced that his government would release a draft bill on a second referendum.

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