Eurovision Song Contest star Davina Mitchell

In the first semi final Eurovision song festival There were some great performances, but the star of the evening did not participate either! Davina Mitchell made a deep impression with her new song Water power.

While Aadhi Duniya was waiting for the first semi-final result, Davina Mitchell performed as an interlude with the song. Water power. He did … better than many entries!

In fact, the people of India and abroad are now wondering if the singer should not participate in just a short while!

We haven’t seen such a good ‘break performance’ since Justin Timberlake Can’t stop feeling Presented. A song he wrote for the film trolls (We cannot emphasize this enough). However, Madonna was much better than what she had shown the previous time.

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Winner of the semifinal eurovision song contest

Of course, on May 22, Saturday, the finalists will also have to distribute points to know which countries will be there. The winners are:

  • Norway
  • Israel
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Malta
  • Lithuania
  • Cyprus
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Ukraine

Eurovision Song Contest Finals

They are already joining the finals which have already been determined. The Netherlands as an organizing country, along with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, of course, exist alongside the gengu macro.

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The second semi-final will take place on Thursday 20 May. There we see which countries complete the finals.

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