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Vaccination programs are growing rapidly globally, with over 50 million people now vaccinated against coronovirus, with reporting in the US, and encouraging data emerging from the UK amid intense vaccine rollout. However, confidence in some vaccines in Europe is low, and the pace of adoption is slow, leaving European Union countries lagging behind other leading countries. Here, let’s take a look at the situation in Britain, France and Germany as there is a race to regain normal momentum.

Where is the uk

After a disastrous number of infections and deaths, the UK has achieved stunning results so far with its vaccine rollout.

More than 20 million people have now received at least one dose – Is 21,322,717 At the time of writing.

The second phase of the vaccination program has now begun, first in all but four priority groups – people aged 70 and older, nursing home residents, healthcare workers and those needed to do so. A vaccine was offered in mid-February. .

The rollout has now been extended to people 60 and older and with underlying health conditions.

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More than 50 others, by April 15, will target the government to give five to nine vaccines to all members of priority groups.

What will be the effects of the largest ever vaccination program initiated by the country.

According to the Office of National Statistics, data released on Tuesday shows coronovirus-related deaths fell by a quarter in the past week.

Hospital admission due to coronovirus is also decreasing rapidly in old age.

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However, with the continued emergence of resistant strains, it is imperative that the vaccination program is advancing at a steady and rapid pace in order to provide as many people as possible protection against the worst effects of the virus.

France has been accused of carrying out a “quiet” vaccination program.

While writing this report, 4,675,887 Vaccine supplements were administered, in a country that had a population nearly identical to that of the United Kingdom.

France is still working to control rising infection rates in some regions, despite a national curfew still in place.

France on Tuesday approved AstraZeneca’s vaccine for people over 65, a modification of the country’s earlier status.

France last month approved the vaccine for use only for people under 65, citing a lack of data, but the study has been highly effective in older people since the study.

As new data emerged, French health officials tried to convince people that the vaccine was as safe and effective as other Kovid-19 vaccines.

But the second wave has been hit hard, and the lockdown imposed in December shows no signs of ending, as the vaccination program leaves much to be desired.

German scientists fear that many of AstraZeneca’s vaccines have been ruined.

Out of the 1.45 million available doses, only 240,000 were used as of 23 February.

Senior German immunologist Carsten WAGL on Sunday urged his country to change its mind and allow more than 65 people to receive the vaccine.

The German Vaccine Commission is in the process of reviewing its recommendation and Chancellor Angela Merkel said last week that it was a “vaccine you can trust”.

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