European Union Framework Agreement and Switzerland’s Sovereignty

In the debate about the loss of sovereignty in relation to the Framework Agreement, it was forgotten that the European Union and Switzerland represent the core values ​​of an independent and democratic society.

As with every state treaty, the sovereignty of the Contracting Parties is limited to a certain extent.

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In relation to the Framework Agreement with the European Union, the question that is up for debate is whether the ECJ, as the sole judicial body in dispute settlement proceedings, would mean an unacceptable loss of sovereignty. This can be unilaterally disturbing, but can only be classified as a minor limitation of Switzerland’s sovereignty. With each international treaty, the contracting parties’ external sovereignty (i.e. sole right of decision) is limited to a certain extent: they must first comply with the law of the extracted contract, but also submit to the contracting court or its decision in the event of a dispute Do it This also applies to private contracts. The decisive legal basis on which the decision-making bodies are based has decisive importance for decisions.

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