European slogan “United in diversity also applies to sports” (6)

National exclusivity In fact, many countries are distinguished by the practice of sports whose fame is rarely, if any, exported outside their borders.

The most emblematic case is probably that of Ireland, where the Gaelic game is king. In particular Gaelic football, which is played in teams of 15 players and which go fast, is at the crossroads of traditional football and rugby. Hurling is also necessary in the country. It is also practiced at 15, but this time we use bats to propel the ball forward and score a goal. The female version of the hurdles is camogie. Indicating the strong popularity of these games, they have the largest stadium in Croc (Croke Park, 82,000 seats) in the country.

The United Kingdom, for its part, is clearly known for cricket, a sport which is considered to be complicated by regulations and which is still practiced very little outside the Commonwealth of Nations, Australia, New Zealand, New Zealand, India and Sri Lanka. is. Along with England, the best countries in the world in this discipline.

Scandinavian countries are also not omitted when it comes to unique sports. Sweeds particularly appreciates Birdie, a Russian-born, ancestor of icy hockey. The ice rink is replaced by a frozen football field and the number of players per team increases from 6 to 11. The game has also made its mark in Estonia.

Another type of hockey: floorball, or unhockey, which is played indoors. Here too, Svedes are among the main hobbyists, joined by Fins, Germans, and Slovaks. Field hockey, for its part, is a Dutch specialty, as is speed skating.

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Finally, among other national specialties, it is possible to mention Basque Pelotta, a popular discipline on either side of the Pyrenees, or Penatec, whose popularity is not diminishing in France and is also widely seen in Malta ( Under one version). Bosi).

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