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MOOD – Already renamed the Kovid Cup by the most insolent, the Champions Cup saw, from the second day onwards, its results biased by epidemics and, above all, the negligence of its organizers.

Will the European Cup end? Nothing is less certain. Day 2 caught the epidemic with the competition. Initially, reckless, even unconscious, Chief of Exeter. Yes, these are the same European champions who, two months earlier, had imposed Draculan terms on Toulouse before their semi-finals, preventing them from leaving their hotels and coming to search on the field the day before the match. Upon arriving at the stadium a temperature measurement and confined them in a tent outside the enclosure so that Kolbe and his companions treated like plague victims would not contaminate them.

Therefore, some Exeter players and staff declared positive after the first day of the Champions Cup match against Glasgow Warriors. As a result, EPCR decided that neither Exeter nor Glasgow – the 20 players considered as contact cases placed in quarantine – could line up on the second day. Stead lost the match 28 to 0 on the green carpet to benefit Toleown and LOU.

Then there is Bath, sanctioned in the same way as their twelve players were in contact with the player who tested positive for Laanelli Scarlett. So no trip to La Rochelle and a further victory, third, for the benefit of a French club. Is this to restore balance? Nevertheless, the governing body, if it approved the bath, did not make the same decision for Scarlett. Therefore, despite being a positive player, the others were pushed into isolation and eliminated a workforce to welcome Toulon. Toulonis, who legitimately declined, to play this meeting one-and-a-half hours before the kick after learning that Welsh had not conducted the new Kovid tests of the match since Monday (ie 5 days before the match) and That they were declared healthy on the sole basis of “tracing”.

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“Read – Toulon, sanctioned with defeat on green carpet, “studies all possibilities of appeal” against EPCR

Blood of the EPCR then took only one turn: lost a match … a 28–0 win for rugby club Toulonis and Scarlett. A casual decision that War Club President Bernard Lemitre has decided not to recover. “EPCR allowed me to protect those who did not want to take any risk and called for volunteers. I was only fooling. What to say to friends “Some people refuse to be infected, are there volunteers?” This is nonsense, this is absurd, it is unprofessional! “Rage for Potential Action.” RCT believes the position taken by EPCR is irregular and is studying all possibilities of appeal. “

The Glasgow franchise has already made up its mind. Its leaders will file complaints against the EPCR and Exeter for not following health protocols. They blame the English club for the absence of masks and failure to honor social disturbances in the stands to bring together the staff, replacements and fixed-price players who attended the meeting. Some Scots have even stated in the national press that, when they pointed out this irresponsible behavior in English, they were content to laugh about it, even to be seen to believe it. The last time I heard Bath is thought to be willing to do so and file a complaint against EPCR.

Apart from these legal considerations, the question of sports fairness arises completely. The new competition format will qualify for the quarter finals with the first four out of every two pools from twelve teams. Only at the end of the four-day sprint; Suffice it to say that a 28–0 defeat reduces all chances of qualifying. And how to understand, for example Claremont who played and lost, at the same time, did not play Toulouse but won. Ubuesque. The governing body takes care not to accuse anyone (“The EPCR would like to stress that the mistake was not considered as a factor during the deliberations, and that the Commission’s decision facilitated completion of this season Giving option “) thought to guard against backlash. In vain It is not enough to say “it is not your fault but we are still going to punish you” to minimize any rebellion.

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“Read – Stade Freed refuses to play against Cardiff and lose on Green Carpet

These decisions have already opened the doors to all variations without the logic of EPCR. Thus, in the Challenge Cup, Stade Frank, who had decided to ignore this competition (the “ defeat ” at home to the Paris Paris team, against the Italians of Benetton Treviso), was squarely favored. ‘Contest risks contamination for not moving to Cardiff. While the Welsh team did not present any case. Deliberately choosing a defeat on the green carpet instead of a trip without the slightest chance of victory.

In short, this is big nonsense. But looks ubiquitous over everything else. France should soon announce that it is stopping trains and flights in the United Kingdom, where the virus has become even more contagious. London and the South-East of England, but Wales has also redefined. At the end of January, how can we imagine that the situation will be resolved, that there may be teams going from the United Kingdom to France and vice versa? We are definitely heading towards a Champions Cup that will not end. The best results for this Kovid Cup with previously biased results.

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