European, English spirit and that defeat that (almost) tastes a victory –

Italy-England, report card: Decisive Donnarumma, Cathedral Church, Chiellini Braveheart and Bonucci Divino
Donnarumma: 9

but on social media professional haters He heard his voice: and a torrent racist abuses On the address of black players who became the reason for the defeat. This team deserves praise as heroes – he reacted on Twitter this morning boris johnson Racial abuse is not being done on social media. The people responsible for these horrific abuses They should be ashamed of themselves. And on the same line Southgate has gone: The fact that some players have been targeted by racist slurs is unforgivable, he said. I believe we have been instrumental in making people feel united, in showing where we can go when our country remains united, and in bringing together energy and optimism. Those messages are the opposite of what we are fighting for.

Because the English team represents the exact opposite of hatred and division: a multi-ethnic party who in recent weeks unite a country Which was divided by Brexit – beyond differences of class, race or creed. The humble football player, for whom the collective comes before the individual performance, able to inspire an entire nation and revive it after the horrific trials inflicted by the pandemic: what England has been like in recent weeks change its shapeFound the feeling of being together, which had already surfaced in the darkest months of the fight against COVID, when the country came out at the door in the evening to applaud the heroes of the National Health Service.

And so there was tears and sadness among fans, but also awareness head out high: Because the British have historically been most capable of converting defeat into victory, from the light cavalry charge at Balaclava to the Battle of Rourke’s Drift against the Zulus. And then our eyes turn to tomorrow, to that World Cup will be held in Qatar next year And that the Lions have every intention of winning. This morning in London, as is the case in these cases, there were people who quoted Winston Churchill: This is not the end. Not even the beginning of the end. But maybe the end of the beginning.

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