European Cup health protocol will develop

This Monday afternoon meeting organized by the EPCR, between the representatives of the Medical Commissions of the three main European championships (Top 14, Loveship and Pro 14), was constructive and, to our knowledge, health protocols applicable to both. European competitions (Champions Cup and European Challenge) will develop in the direction recommended by the French clubs, with the saying that the teams will currently be tested three days before the matches instead of six.

The move, called for several weeks by the National Rugby League (LNR) in the name of public health, will be bolstered, while the Beyoncé club is no longer authorized to play in the European Challenge since the reception of Leicester, on 19 December and the virus The contamination of the two players by British tension, more contagious, is currently spreading in the United Kingdom.

EPCR to communicate in the coming hours

« Our problem, LNR Medical Manager Bernard Dussfour explained on Sunday, These are the tests for six days before the match. This does not correspond to the incubation time (which is five days). The Exeter squad was tested on the Monday before their Sunday game against Glasgow (13 December). After the meeting, seventeen people were positive. We ask the EPCR to follow the French protocol, which works well and is also used in football and tennis. Because what happens in the European Cup results in the top 14. »

Faced with the situation with Beyoncé, whose last two league matches had to be postponed and against whom Toulon may face the same fate on Friday, several club presidents set to boycott their next matches in European competitions There seemed to be, if the health protocol was not strengthened. ” We are seriously considering not traveling to Newcastle in two weeks “, For example Pierre-Yves Rivol, President of Castres, Sunday. This message seems to have been heard by the EPCR which should officially communicate in the coming hours.

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