European Cup Final: This is the agreement for Marseille

As announced by our partners from RMC – information we are able to confirm – the Challenge Cup (21 May) and Champions Cup (22) finals, should not be played in the Stade Velodrome de Marseille, which is already a final. 2020 was to host. Once again, the coronavirus is shaking up the epidemic program. First, there is the problem of closed doors: the organizer of the competitions, EPCR, first wants to ensure that a stadium that can accommodate the public until the last moment.

Today, while there is no guarantee that there will be enough regular flights between the United Kingdom and Marseille in two months, there are logistic problems. Everything should really depend on the performers of the qualifiers and the prospects of their journey, as exemplified in the autumn with the Extator-Racing 92 finals at the final moment in Bristol. 40,000 cumulative tickets for two posters in Marseille had already been sold.

The EPCR should formalize its decision for Marseille later than 31 March. The Velodrome will then host the final of 2022, with Tottenham Stadium being “postponed” by 2023. For hosting 2021, it will depend on the qualifiers and epidemic conditions in their respective countries.

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