EuroMillions: A Briton wins the second biggest jackpot in history

Since Tuesday 10 May, a Briton is richer than €215,840,341. This is the amount he has just won in EuroMillions. Not only is it the second-highest jackpot in history, but it is also the first time a UK player has won a prize pool equal to or more than €200 million, according to a press report by media specialist Tyrese Gaganant. According to the statement. lottery. The last Briton to hold the national record remained anonymous, and won 190 million euros in 2019.

In the United Kingdom, only fourteen players have won prizes worth more than £100 million sterling, roughly €117 million, reports The Guardian. The new record holder won the jackpot by giving all the winning numbers: 3 25 27 28 29 and stars 4 and 9. The three follow each other.” For this draw with the second largest jackpot since the creation of the lottery in 2004, Europe 44 million players tried their luck in

The equivalent of four islands in the Caribbean

According to The Guardian, by earning €215,840,341, the Briton thus becomes richer than singer Ed Sheeran or actor Benedict Cumberbatch. With this amount, he could buy several houses on the four large Caribbean islands or on Bishop Avenue in London, which is known as one of the most expensive streets in the world.

The record for the biggest profit recorded at EuroMillions since 2004 is held by a Polynesian player who won 220 million euros in October 2021, recalls Tiraj Gagnant. The third place goes to the Swiss with earnings of 210 million euros in February 2021. France is still on the fourth leg of the podium, with a lead of 200 million, touched in December 2020.

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