Euro 2020. Why do England, Scotland and Wales play the Euros but not the Olympics? – Euro 2020

While the Welsh, Scottish and English clearly compete in the European Nations Football Championship this summer, all of them, along with the Northern Irish, will be relegated to different sports at the Tokyo Olympic Games a few weeks later. Under the sole banner of the United Kingdom and the team name of “Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.

One country, one flag, one team, which international sports federations often recognize in their vast majority during their international competitions. Yes, but here it is, the football world as well as the rugby world knows to remember. And isolate its creators. Recall that in 1872 at Hamilton Crescent in Glasgow (Scotland), the English and Scots played the first international match in the history of football.

a special situation

As the international forerunner of the sport of the round ball and oval ball, but also of the smaller yellow ball, the British nation enjoys privileges, notably a special status and membership in FIFA and UEFA. , while the latter mainly recognizes associations of independent countries. As a birthright it allows them to develop distinctively during the World Cup, Euro Football, but also Six Nations Rugby tournaments for example.

Concerned to preserve the autonomy of this football, the British nation remains vigilant by all means. As evidenced by the controversy during the London Olympics, where a British football team competed for the first time in 52 years. Concerned, the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish federations sought guarantees from FIFA to ensure that this British football team would not be at the end of their exclusive right. So that history does not forget them.

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