EU wants to establish “talent partnership” with Morocco before the end of 2022

Launched in June 2021, the “Partnership to Attract Talent” initiative aims to help address the skill shortage in several key areas in the EU and “strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships on migration with third countries”. To do.

As part of the implementation of this initiative, the European Executive announced its “intention, based on strong and continued cooperation on all aspects of migration management, within the framework of the new Agreement on Migration and Asylum, to launch the first talent Partnership with Maghreb partners, notably Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, so that their implementation can begin by the end of 2022.

The Commission explained that work on talent partnerships would be based on successful pilot projects developed with these partners, broadening their scope and level of ambition, with a broad framework of cooperation with them, defined with member states and partner countries and all Stakeholders in the relevant mobilizing process.

In the second phase, it plans to begin assessing the feasibility of launching talent partnerships with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Senegal and Nigeria, one of the key components of cooperation on migration management with those countries.

Directly, the EC proposes to establish a European talent pool, the first EU-wide platform and matching tool, to make the latter more attractive to third-country nationals seeking opportunities and to employers. To help them find the talent they need.

On the other hand, the Commission says that it is studying the possibilities of new channels for legal migration in the EU in the medium and long term. She sees value in focusing on forward-looking policies in three areas of action: care, youth and innovation.

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