EU to decide on universal charger next month

The European Commission will introduce a new legislative proposal related to a “universal charger” for smartphones in September.

This is an issue that the European Commission has been dragging on for many years without really making any progress on the issue. Indeed, in 2020, the debate resumed when the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to adopt a universal charger. The main benefits put forward are the reduction in environmental waste and convenience for the users.

During previous debates in Parliament, the avenues exploited by MEPs were quite diverse: a single charger (a controversial and delicate topic, as there are various possible interpretations of the term “single charger”); Make sure consumers no longer automatically buy a new charger when buying a new phone; Promote wireless charging; Or even recycle more chargers and cables.

In an impact study Released in 2019, the preferred option was to put a USB-C port on the smartphone and ensure that all chargers are interchangeable. At the time, 50% of charging cables sold with mobile phones had a Micro-B USB connector, 29% a USB-C connector, and 21% a Lightning connector.

So this new proposition is likely to worry Apple above all, knowing that makers of Android smartphones have already embraced USB-C. Apple is currently the only one to use the Lightning port on its iPhones. There’s a USB-C port at the power adapter level, but that’s clearly not enough in the eyes of the European Commission.

Previously, Apple had already defended and explained in regards to the use of the Lightning port in its iPhone: ” We believe that regulations that force all smartphones to adhere to innovation rather than encourage the type of connector built into them, and will harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole. ยป.

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Will Apple have to review its copy and give up on its Lightning port? Answers in the coming weeks…

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