EU sanctions Russian group Wagner for “destabilizing actions”, H24info

The European Union on Monday cleared Russian paramilitary group Wagner as well as 8 people and 3 companies for “destabilization actions” carried out in Ukraine and several African countries, several European sources told AFP. ,

The decision was unanimously approved at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. It must be published in the Official Journal of the European Union to be applicable.

The sanctions include visa restrictions for people and freezing of assets in the European Union.

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“Wagner is a private Russian military company used to destabilize security in Europe and neighboring countries, especially in Africa,” said a European diplomat.

The Wagner company has been reported in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa where Russia is present, notably in Mali and the Central African Republic, but it also operates in Libya, Syria and Ukraine according to a European source.

European ministers also approved a legal framework on Monday that allows them to “clear those obstructing infections in Mali”.

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