EU officials in Iran after optimistic statements about reviving deal

Iran talks with China in Vienna RussiaFrance, the United Kingdom and Germany to revive a 2015 agreement to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear bombs.

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A European Union (EU) official, Enrique Mora, met with Iranian officials in Tehran (Iran) on Sunday 27 March to try to resolve the end points of disagreement over the settlement of Iran’s nuclear program.

The talks, launched several months ago, aim to bring Washington back to a 2015 agreement governing Iran’s civilian nuclear program and to get Tehran back to honor its commitments. The visit of the EU coordinator responsible for overseeing nuclear talks in Vienna, Austria, came a day after EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell reached an agreement. “a matter of days”,

Iran is negotiating in Vienna with China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and Germany to revive a 2015 agreement that is supposed to prevent the Islamic Republic from receiving nuclear bombs, a move rejected by Tehran. purpose, which is in exchange for the lifting of suffocating restrictions. its economy. The United States, which has no diplomatic relations with Iran, participates in discussions indirectly through the European Union.

The 2015 accord broke down after a unilateral US withdrawal, followed by the resumption of sanctions against Iran, which, in response, gradually freed itself from limits imposed on its nuclear program.

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